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Spa Accommodations: A Romantic Overnight in Stillwater

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For an unforgettable night or weekend with a loved one in Stillwater, Minnesota, choose the overnight accommodations at Just For Me Spa.

A couple months ago I had the immense pleasure of staying at Just For Me Spa’s cozy accommodation, ‘The Cottage’ for a night with my boyfriend. I was scheming a way to enjoy one last weekend before I flew out to Arizona for a month and was reminded of the three houses adjacent to the Spa. I knew right away that booking ‘The Cottage’ would be the perfect way to spend a special evening. Although I lived in the next town over, the thought of a romantic overnight in Stillwater was very tempting.

Fully-equipped galley kitchen at The Cottage

My boyfriend, David met me outside ‘The Cottage’ that Friday evening and we both walked in the door together. A subtle scent of patchouli and vetiver reached my nostrils as the door was opened and I deeply inhaled the aroma with a grin. The kitchen was spotless and had cute, country appeal. In the refrigerator my terrific boss, Heidi had placed a bottle of sparkling wine and chocolate covered figs for us to indulge in later. We explored the rest of the house and were taken aback by the old town charm. We found the master bedroom, and Heidi specifically told us “You’re gonna love the king bed!!” After having a few restful moments flopped down on the comfortable pieces of furniture, we ventured out to downtown Stillwater.

The unique quality of these houses are how close they are to historic downtown Stillwater. I was fortunate enough to grow up near this town and bask in the glory of the St. Croix River, but David grew up on the other side of the Twin Cities and has not spent much time around the Stillwater area. I essentially became his tour guide and storyteller on our walk along Main Street, and we settled on Marx Fusion Bistro for dinner. Being a Friday night, Stillwater was hustling and bustling so we put our names on the wait list and continued to walk. After having a refreshing beer at Brine’s and drooling over the candy at Tremblay’s Sweet Shop, our table was ready at Marx.

We had eaten at Marx a few weeks prior with two dear friends and were anxious to make another visit, as the food and service were exceptional. It again lived up to our expectations – a few glasses of delicious wine, excellent sirloin and seafood, and helpful and knowledgeable wait staff. It will be our go-to for a special Stillwater outing. We were relaxed, well fed, and ready to put our feet up and toast with the chilled sparkling wine back at ‘The Cottage’.

And Heidi was not joking about the king bed. It was like heaven!

Couples Massage at Just For Me Spa

Just For Me Spa is a destination Spa and one service is required for each guest during their stay at any of the Spa homes. Popular services for guests are massages, facials or pedicures, or one of the many rejuvenating Spa packages. However, since I am an employee at Just For Me Spa this requirement was waived, but if my boyfriend and I were planning a Spa day we would have chosen to sit in the Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary and experience the Escape For Two package. The Escape For Two includes whirlpool sessions, 60-minute Couples massages, 60-minute facials and Spa lunches, totaling approximately 3.5 hours.

After checking out of ‘The Cottage’ and thanking Heidi, we walked across the street to Nelson’s for some ice cream. I was in shock that he had never heard of Nelson’s before – it is one of my deadly sins in the summertime, as Just For Me Spa is right across the street from this glorious ice cream shop. “Get the child’s size”, I playfully warned. We stepped out with enough ice cream to feed a daycare center and let the sun warm our backs as we scooped bite after bite into our mouths.

Once we had our fill of ice cream, David turned to me and genuinely said, “This was perfect.” I knew that he was not only talking about the ice cream. Our overnight in Stillwater was everything we had hoped for and more, and it was made possible because of the pleasant accommodations at Just For Me Spa.

Plan your own visit to ‘The Cottage’, ‘The Retreat’ or ‘The Log Cabin’ by calling 651-439-4662. Experience the magic of a relaxing retreat at Just For Me Spa. 110 South Greeley Street in Stillwater, Minnesota. www.justformespa.com

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  1. Dave Szuek says:

    Do you offer gift Certificates?

    • Danielle Watters says:

      Hello Dave, Thank you for your inquiry! We do offer gift cards and they make a lovely gift for any holiday or special occasion. There are a few options for purchase – you can stop in to the front desk and a receptionist will assist you, you can call 651-439-4662, or you can order on our website by clicking the Gift Cards link: https://www.justformespa.com/wordpress/gift-cards/

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