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Salt Block Cooking: Tia’s Himalayan Experience

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While cooking and serving on Himalayan salt is not new, the use of it in the every day home kitchen is a newer concept. I was intimidated at first; I have used salt blocks to serve on but never have I cooked on one or served drinks in salt glasses. So I took a few supplies I already had from Just For Me Spa and a few other items brand new to the spa and dove in head first.

‘The Complete Book of Salt Block Cooking’, written by Ryan Childs, was where I started. The cook book isn’t just a dry collection of recipes – it’s his personal experience from start to finish. It helped me to feel confident in caring for my salt block as well as preparing and going outside the box while cooking some amazing recipes.

I started with salted lime guacamole: 10 ingredients and super easy! I served it out of the Himalayan salt mortar and pestle, which I also used to mash my avocados.

I bought a few steaks with a thicker cut from the local meat market. I decided to wrap them in bacon. I slowly heated my salt block, turning it up 2 notches every 10 minutes so as not to damage my salt block. Once it was ready I put my steaks on the block and cooked them for 10 minutes on each side. They tasted amazing.

I washed it down with what could only go best with a Himalayan salt shot glass… some tequila and lime.

Overall, Himalayan salt cooking has quickly made its way into being a staple in my kitchen and I suggest the same for anyone who loves to cook, if not only for the unique style of cooking but for the health benefits as well. Salt therapy is extremely intriguing to me – the food, the beauty products and halotherapy.

Himalayan Salt Products Used for Cooking

  • ‘The Complete Book Of Salt Block Cooking’ – $17.99
  • Salt Block 2x12x8 – $60.00
  • Salt Mortar and Pestle – $33.00
  • Salt Shotglass – $15.00
  • Salt Grinder – $15.00
  • Salt Shaker – $13.00
  • Salt Candle Holder – $15.00

The Himalayan Salt products listed above can be found at Just For Me Spa. 110 South Greeley St., Stillwater, MN. 651-439-4662. www.justformespa.com

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