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Himalayan Salt: Ways Your Body Responds

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With the addition of the new Dry Salt Therapy room at Just For Me Spa in Stillwater, Minnesota, the shelves have been stocked full of Himalayan Salt products for clients to take home and enjoy.

You will find Himalayan Salt Lamps, Bath Salts, Salt Body Scrubs, Salt Grinders and Shakers, Candle Holders, incredible smelling Salt Soaps, Salt Blocks for home cooking, and even Shot Glasses made of Himalayan Salt! (super fun for a Cinco de Mayo party, wink wink!) Himalayan Salt provides exceptional benefits to the body, especially when inhaled, ingested or heated.

Inhalation occurs in the Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary, where clients can experience a 45-minute session in the Salt Cave while breathing in tiny salt particles dispersed through a halogenerator. Deep breathing is the most important part of halotherapy (Dry Salt Therapy), as this is the way the salt enters your respiratory tract.

Salt is naturally antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. When your body comes into contact with Himalayan Salt, it creates positive effects inside the body. Here are a few big ways your body responds to Himalayan Salt and halotherapy:

  • Dry Salt Therapy Brings Upper Respiratory Relief

Inhaled salt particles breaks down thick mucus and congestion in the sinus and lung cavities. It also draws out allergens, bacteria and mucous blockages. This is so beneficial in the Midwest this time of the year, as pollen is floating around and causing allergy flare-ups. During winters in Minnesota, halotherapy is even more valuable as colds and viruses spread like wildfire. Inflamed, irritated sinus cavities can be soothed, bacteria and other foreign substances expelled, mucus absorbed and airway passages opened which in turn makes it easier for your body to recover from ill conditions.

  • Dry Salt Therapy Improves Immune System Function

The natural antibacterial and anti-viral properties of salt not only helps to relieve a current bacterial or viral infection when inhaled into the respiratory tract, but also increases resistance to new infections for weeks to months after a session. The mineral content found in Himalayan Salt plays a role in boosting the immune system, as unprocessed Himalayan Salt is rich in 84 trace minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, bromine, etc. Inhalation or ingestion of these essential minerals gives your body systems a balancing boost.

  • Dry Salt Therapy Increases Relaxation

The Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary

Himalayan Salt creates negative ions, which have the ability to balance the body’s positive to negative ion ratio. Too many positive ions (or lack of negative ions) can cause sleeplessness, irritability, tension, migraine, nausea, heart palpitations, depression and fatigue. Positive ions, interestingly enough, are highly concentrated before a thunderstorm or during a full moon!

In contrast, negative ions have the ability to heighten energy levels, combat the effects of free radicals and stress while producing a relaxation sensation by increasing blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain. Negative ions that Himalayan Salt produces also provides a boost to the neurotransmitter, seratonin, which increases positive mood and quite literally, makes you feel happy. 🙂

The Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary has 16,000 lbs of Himalayan Salt bricks on the walls and 8,000 lbs of loose salt on the floors – you are completely surrounded by feel-good negative ions during a session! The relaxing negative ions are enhanced with the inhalation of the fresh salty air, as if you are at the beach by the ocean. Himalayan Salt Lamps are a wonderful option for the home or office, as it is packed with negative ions and is distributed into the room. Be sure you pick up a quality lamp, such as the Himalayan Lamps on the shelves at Just For Me Spa.

I’ll be discussing the topic of relaxing in the Salt Cave in more detail with an upcoming blog post!

  • Dry Salt Therapy Gives A Glowing Complexion

The Salt Cave is located inside a Spa after all, and wellness on the inside shows on your face, skin and body. Salt provides the antibacterial properties and pH normalization which penetrates your skin cells and starts a regenerative process, making halotherapy beneficial for irritated skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. Dry skin can also see improvements with halotherapy, as the salt moisturizes the skin by drawing any moisture from the humidity of the Salt Cave back into the pores. Himalayan Salt can also stimulate healthy hair growth.

A few reminders:

  1. The salt that is released during a session in the Salt Cave is 99.99% medical grade sodium chloride, not Himalayan Salt. The more pure the salt with eliminated dirt and debris, the more effective the provided characteristics of salt therapy will be. If you want to experience the benefits of inhaling Himalayan Salt minerals, Just For Me Spa retails Himalayan Salt Air Inhalers – read about them here.
  2. The Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary is a sterile environment because of the salt’s properties, so if you hear or experience coughing during a session you need not be afraid of catching or spreading illness – the salt will absorb and eject the toxins for you! How cool is that!?

Come try dry salt therapy today! Experience the magic of a relaxing retreat at Just For Me Spa. The Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary. 110 South Greeley Street in Stillwater, Minnesota. 651-439-4662. www.justformespa.com 


3 comments on “Himalayan Salt: Ways Your Body Responds

  1. Betty Potter says:

    Thank you so much Danielle for sharing the benefits of dry salt therapy. I would certainly try dry salt therapy . I’m also experiencing the benefits of salt. I’m using salt scrub from saltean. This scrub has been proved to be very effective for my skin.

  2. Elle McAdams says:

    Glad to find this blog post…
    The fact is that salt therapy does have proven benefits to the health of a person.
    A person suffering from different types of respiratory tract disorders should take suitable precautionary measures to get rid of such issues. Undergoing salt therapy might helps a lot to get relief from such health-related issues.

  3. LaRaine Rifice says:

    First time in a Salt Cave! I loved it! Suffer from muscle soreness all over for years ,do to the love of excerise ( I’m addicted) came out of the cave feeling great, slept with no pain, woke up no muscle soreness at all all day!!! Going back every week! Try it you’ll love it!

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