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Eyelash Solutions: 5 Ways to Achieve Beautiful Lashes

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Long, luscious lashes are the most desirable beauty basic. Luckily, if you have trouble growing your eyelashes or have naturally short or blonde lashes, Just For Me Spa has every solution for you!

GrandeLASH Serum

The results of the GrandeLASH –MD Conditioning Treatment is undeniable. This stuff is seriously amazing. Achieve fuller, longer natural lashes in 4-6 weeks, guaranteed.

The three-month supply is formulated with vitamins, peptides, proteins and prostaglandin. Apply serum on inner edge of the eyelid and line the lash line like you would with eyeliner. The application is best done once daily at night for regeneration.

GrandeLASH –MD Conditioning Treatment retails for $64.95. Grande also sells a brow serum for growing fuller, thicker eyebrows!

Grande Primer & Mascara

For a simple, daily boost to your makeup regimen, use Grande Primer and Mascara. GrandePRIMER is a no flake peptide formula with mini fibers that hang on to your natural lashes. It preps and boosts the lashes so it appears much longer when paired with mascara. GrandeMASCARA helps to condition and strengthen lashes and also repairs and prevents breakage for brittle lashes. It is water-resistant and easily removable.

Grande Primer and Mascara each retail for $24.95.

LiquiFan Eyelash Extensions

If you want to wake up in the morning already flawless and ready to walk out the door, then Eyelash Extensions may be for you! Each individual eyelash extension is bonded to your natural lash with quick drying eyelash glue. The results are dramatically longer, fuller flirty lashes!

Schedule an initial Full Set  and a touch-up Lash Fill 2-4 weeks later for, as your lashes shed like your hair does. Home care is very important for eyelash extensions and can make or break your lash extension results.

Call 651.439.4662 to speak with a Just For Me Spa lash artist and to book your appointment for beautiful Eyelash Extensions!

Eyelash Tinting

Some of you may have blonde eyelashes that can hardly be seen – make them stand out with an Eyelash Tint!

Eyelash Tinting uses a demi-permanent dye on the lashes that works similarly to hair color and will fade after 2-4 weeks. The dye reveals darker lashes and makes them appear naturally longer and fuller without mascara. Tinting is great for a no fuss pool or beach day! Schedule your Eyelash Tint today.

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  1. our beauty needs care and constant care, the main thing to take care not only about external beauty, but also about the internal

  2. I would like to try their product – a brow serum for growing fuller, thicker eyebrows! In accordance with the reviews, it’s amazing!

  3. People looks gorgeous when they do eyelashes. Great tips for the beauty spa fans.

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