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A Just For Me Spa Story: Challenges, Celebrations & Resilience

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Just For Me Spa has been a transformation since the very beginning.

From the years I have worked at Just For Me Spa, I had never learned as much about the spirit of this magical retreat as when I first began marketing in the office for Heidi Rosebud. Within the first two months of my new position, we agreed to host the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce for a ‘Lunch & Learn’ event in the St. Croix Room. To utilize the 70” interactive whiteboard we decided to create a PowerPoint slideshow presentation to tell Heidi’s story about the “Challenges, Celebrations & Resilience” of owning and growing a business while balancing the ups and downs of life.

The Victorian building in Stillwater, MN

Of the creative projects I have undergone, this PowerPoint presentation was definitely the most fun, rewarding and inspirational. I listened intently to Heidi’s story and what she wanted to portray in her presentation and was shocked at how much I did not know about Just For Me Spa and what it took to become what you see today.

Prior to establishing Just For Me Spa, Heidi was traveling and working for a health company that promoted health clubs across the United States. She came home with the mind, body, soul theme and wanted to own a business that encompassed the components of a true wellness facility. With this in mind, Just For Me Spa opened in 1988 in the Victorian building in downtown Stillwater.

The old dairy building

In 1990, Just For Me Spa relocated to the old dairy building after purchasing the building on a contract for deed during the SNL scandal. Without the help and faith of the president of Washington Federal Bank, Heidi would have not been able to receive a contract for deed, as financing was very limited during this time period. The dairy building was remodeled to create Stillwater Fitness Club and a complete wellness facility.

The blue house before Spa renovation

An opportunity to purchase the blue house adjacent to the Spa arose in 1996 and Heidi jumped at the chance to expand the spa facilities. She bought the blue house on a contract for deed and renovated the house until it was ready to connect with Spa clientele. Renovations were complete in 1999 and Just For Me Spa was officially born.

Heidi was approached by the owners of (what is now) The Retreat Home to inquire about whether she was interested in buying the house in 2005. She agreed and thus ignited the idea of “destination Spa” and “destination Stillwater”. Just For Me Spa now owns three adjacent homes on the block, The Retreat Home, The Cottage and The Log Cabin and rents these fully renovated homes out as overnight accommodations for Spa clients.

Hard times fell upon Just For Me Spa when the recession hit from 2008-2011. This caused Heidi to step back, reorganize and do anything to get the job done and make ends meet. Despite the recession years, strategies for growth and expansion were created with the launch of “Membership Has Its Benefits”. It is still a successful monthly Spa membership program for Just For Me Spa to this day.

In order to accommodate the growing Spa clientele, the “pruning of the rosebush” happened when space was taken from the club to create the St. Croix Room and the fitness membership model ended. The Spa would be the new consistent backbone to the business. Although she received backlash with her business decision, Heidi stayed committed to her vision and moved forward with the changes. She invested in more remodeling and renovation projects on the interior and exterior to reflect a calm, peaceful atmosphere.

Over the next year in the office, I observed Heidi spend countless hours pushing the loan through for the Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary and the future wet area renovation project. The Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary opened in January 2017 and renovations on the pool are expected to begin in the late fall of 2017.

Scattered throughout the PowerPoint presentation were quotes from one of Heidi’s favorite authors, Cheryl Strayed about fear, bravery, moving forward, and going after your dreams. I also wanted to include a direct quote from Heidi in the presentation, “Live for today. Laugh always. Love forever.” (quoted after my calling out across the office in the midst of another hectic day, “Hey Heidi! If you were a quote, what would you say?”) Live, laugh, love: a simple, yet effective message.

Heidi also stated in her presentation “You can never do it all alone. You need all your team, family and friends. Everybody counts and that includes your cleaners, your managers, your lawyers, accountants and bankers. Your belief in that with the help of others you can create your vision and dream and that nothing ever really ends is most important.”

I am still in awe of how the building I walk into each day came to be what it is today. The occasional sneak peeks into Heidi’s future vision for the continual transformation of Just For Me Spa also amaze me.

We personally invite you to join us on this journey of transformation – to transform your body, mind and spirit through relaxation and rejuvenation; to transform your relationships with others by enjoying time at the Spa together; and to transform your life by inspiring a healthy attitude and personal care and well-being.

Experience the magic of a relaxing retreat at Just For Me Spa. 110 South Greeley Street in Stillwater, Minnesota. 651-439-4662. www.justformespa.com 

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  1. This would make a great story within the Holiday isssue of SAVOUR magazine. I’d like to discuss details with you.
    Roxanne Townshend
    Editor/SAVOUR magazine

  2. Shirley De la Torre says:

    I love this story! Such a privilege to work here and share in this legacy!

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